Friday, July 1, 2011


Our Anniversary is Sunday, but with the holiday, we are celebrating tonight. For the fist time in 7 years, I just don't feel like celebrating. I haven' even bought a card for him. I always do, but this year I can barley maneuver through the grocery store and get a few items on my list. I forget everything. I have talked for the past week of ideas of things to do, but I just don't have the energy to care where we go. I had been thinking in the past month, I would be pregnant and hot during our anniversary. I keep replaying those thoughts over and over today. That seems like a distant memory. I would love to still be pregnant and feel Sylas moving in there. His little personality forming. Wondering if he would be more like Tim or me. It all seems so unreal still. Someone did ask when I would get to the point of writing about something else. Just to be clear, I may talk about other things when I write, because there are more people in my house, but...I won't ever stop writing about Sylas. My life moves on from June 10, 2011, but he will always be my son! He is forever a part of my world.

Lord, as we celebrate 7 years of marriage, we thank you for what you have given us. The love we share can't ever be replaced. Thank you for be being the center of our home and our hearts! Without you guiding us, we would never make it.

Until then...
Syala's Greatest Fan

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